Meet Cashew!

Hi, my name is Cashew and I’m the NB&T Mascot. Being a Koala Bear is fun and so is traveling around town meeting good friends like you. My favorite color is green and my favorite food is eucalyptus leaves. Join me and my friends at NB&T on a Money Safari adventure..click around to explore!
  Cool Cash Prizes

Earn Cool Cash Points with Cash Climbers Rewards Card
NB&T is excited to announce a fun, new deposit incentive included with every cash climbers savings account: the Cool Cash Point Card. Earn 1 Cool Cash point for each deposit. Save 20 points and buy cool stuff like banks, movie passes and more! The card is free to NB&T Cash Climbers Savings Account holders and is available at any one of NB&T’s 9 branch locations. As always, pick a prize from NB&T’s treasure chest each time you visit a branch to make a deposit.

Cool Cash Point Prizes
Earn 20 Cool Cash Points and spend them on one of these prizes:
  • 1 Piggy Bank
  • 1 Gel Pen and Calculator Set
  • 1 Stuffed Cashew the Koala in a Cup
  • 2 Movie Passes - valued at $10
  • 1 Subway Gift Card - valued at $10
  • 1 Options Gift card - valued at $10
    (good at Old Navy, The Gap, or Banana Republic)
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