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Managing over $600 million in customer assets and an average length of service of over nineteen years, our Trust and Investment Services team can help you plan for the future if you have young children...if you are ready to begin retirement planning...if you have special needs individuals in your family...if you have a special charity you want to share in your estate. Whatever your financial objectives, you can count on us - and our willingness to help you achieve your goals. To schedule a FREE No Obligation consultation call 888-895-2125.

We'll start by helping you answer some basic questions:
  • What is the value of my estate?
  • How do the tax law changes impact my planning?
  • Should my will be updated? What about my spouse's will?
  • Does my family need a trust?
  • Should I consider making a lifetime gifts?
With the assistance of your personal attorney, this review of your finances and family situation will put us well along the path toward developing an estate and financial management plan to help achieve your goals.

Below is a listing of the Trust and Investment Services we currently provide:
  • Living Trusts
  • Investment Management (including brokerage services)
  • Trustee and Custodian for IRA Rollovers
  • Trusts Under Will
  • Executor and Administrator
  • Guardianships for Minors
  • Guardianships for Disabled Individuals
  • Custodian Accounts
  • Land Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Sycamore Money Market Service
  • Escrows
  • Insurance Trusts

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