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Farm Management

NB&T's Farm Service professionals manage and consult on over 17,000 acres throughout Northern Illinois. Our goal is managing to meet each owner's objectives. Whether it's to maximize income, manage for appreciation, maintain productivity, or trust administration, we provide the skills and services necessary to meet your objectives.  We will be happy to meet at your location and discuss your needs.  Please call us at 888-895-2125 for a free no obligation consultation.

Farm Visits
This is not a long-distance management relationship. To manage effectively you need timely knowledge of on-the-spot conditions. We make regular farm visits and special trips are made whenever necessary.

Budgeting & Planning - Helping you reach your goals
Farm land is a long-term asset and needs to be managed as such. Our planning process includes a detailed study of farm resources and the development of a recommended cropping system, livestock program, farm improvements, and operating plans based on the owner's desires.

Detailed Reporting - Keeping in touch with your farm
We provide the facts you need to make important decisions. Comprehensive reports are furnished in a timely manner. To keep you informed of your farm's progress, periodic statements that cover inventory, crop production, sales income, expenses, capital improvements, and tax information are also included.

To assist landowners with a specific concern regarding their farm.

Real Estate
Farm and Trust clients can be assisted with the sale or acquisition of farm real estate by an NB&T Farm Service representative who holds an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker License.

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Yow Farm - Lee County, IL

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