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Online Banking Best Practices

What is Identity Theft?
Identity theft involves the unlawful acquisition and use of someone’s identifying information, such as:

• Name
• Address
• Date of Birth
• Social Security Number
• Mother’s Maiden Name
• Drivers’ License
• Bank or Credit Card Account Number

Thieves then use the information to repeatedly commit fraud in an attempt to duplicate your identity which may include opening new accounts, purchasing automobiles, applying for loans, credit cards, and social security benefits, renting apartments and establishing services with utility and telephone companies. It can have a negative effect on your credit and create a serious financial hassle for you.

How do I protect myself?

You should report lost or stolen checks or credit cards immediately. Never give out any personal information including birth date, SSN or Passwords Shred all documents containing personal information, like bank statements, unused checks, deposit slips, credit card statements, pay stubs, medical billings, and invoices. Don’t give any of your personal information to any web sites that do not use encryption or other secure methods to protect it.

Debit Card Protection

Debit card usage has increased dramatically in recent years and fraudulent use of debit cards has also increased. We have some suggestions for you for the care and usage of debit cards. NEVER give your debit card information when requested by phone, email, or texting. It is a good idea to pay by credit card if your card leaves your sight. An example might be when a waiter takes your card from your table in a restaurant or when ordering online. Debit cards are easier to process illegally vs. credit cards.

What You Can Do
• Install and keep up to date antivirus software protection.
• Be sure and use a firewall when surfing.
• Don't click on links in emails.
• Don't surf to pages you are unsure of.
• If you are a commercial account you should perform your own risk assessments and evaluations on all online accounts.

Check Your Credit
• Any consumer can request one free copy of his or her credit report per year.
• Reviewing your credit report can help you find out if someone has opened; Unauthorized financial accounts, or taken out unauthorized loans, in your name.
• Contact the three major credit bureaus to request a copy.

P O Box 105069
Atlanta, GA 30349-5069
To order a report: (800) 685-1111
To report fraud: (800) 525-6285

P O Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013-0949
To order a report: (888) 397-3742
To report fraud: (888) 397-3742

Trans Union:
P O Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022
To order a report: (800) 916-8800
To report fraud: (800) 680-7289
For more information please visit the following sites:

Federal Trade Commission:
FDIC Consumer Alerts:
United States Department of Justice:

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