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Security FAQs

How do I know if internet banking is secure?
You can be assured that the bank adheres to regulatory guidance as well as actively researches IT best practices to implement the highest levels of security to protect customer information. We use a variety of techniques to ensure your session and accounts remain secure including password changes and authentication methods. However, there is never 100% guarantee of security. You are encouraged to maintain anti-virus on all home computers and use care when accessing your accounts from public devices and networks. For more information, please contact our Customer Support Center, 888-895-2125 or email .

What is an Authentication Image and Passphrase?

Your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase will be shown to you after entering your Access ID . This helps you to validate that you have reached our internet banking site successfully. If your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase match the image and phrase you previously selected, then enter your password and click SUBMIT. If they do not match, you could be accessing a spoofed website. Try logging out and reenter your Access ID. Contact our Customer Support Center at 888-895-2125 if you are still unable to retrieve the correct image and phrase.

Can I change my Authentication Image or Pass Phrase?
Yes. Once logged in to i-connect, you can change your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase by selecting the Preferences tab. Locate the Security Data section and click Edit.

What does it mean to “Register” your computer?
Registering a computer can help us authenticate you. Once a computer is registered, the next time you log in, our system will recognize it is your computer accessing our system. You never want to register a public computer.

Why am I asked to Answer Challenge Questions and why do I need to receive a one-time password?
If you are logging in using a computer that is not registered with us, we will use other methods to identify you. We provide you with two alternatives – a One-Time Password e-mail or Answer Challenge Question.

When using public computers we recommend selecting the One-Time Password e-mail. A single use password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you have previously told us about. Once you retrieve this password, you can continue the log in process. This is the most secure means to access your account using a public computer because the password cannot be reused by someone trying to access your account.

Sometimes you may not have access to your e-mail account. In these cases, we have also made available a Security Challenge Question option. By answering these questions, you can continue your log in process. Note, that public computers may not be protected from malware which can capture the information you enter. We do not recommend using the Security Challenge Question option on unknown public devices. If you have a need to use this method and are uncertain if the device is protected from malware, you may wish to change your challenge questions when you are in your session.

How do I change my Challenge Questions?
You can change your Challenge Questions by going to the Preferences tab in i-connect. Locate the Security Data section and click Edit. We have provided you with a variety of Challenge Questions to choose from. Your answers should be something only you will know. By selecting difficult answers, it is less likely that a hacker could guess the answer to your question. If you have used a public terminal, such as at the airport or library, and have used the Challenge Question option, we recommend you change your Challenge Questions as these sites are prone to malware.

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